Everything from light switches, blinds, ceiling fans to pictures and baseboards were immaculate!! We have never had our home look and feel this clean!! Amazing!! I mean our lamp shades cleaned, upholstery vacuumed, leather furniture cleaned! You name it and they cleaned it. We even had all of our cupboards in the kitchen cleaned! They look like brand new!! We are so impressed and happy with Gisele and her crew!! We even get a reminder email 3 days before they come to add anything we need extra to their cleaning list! To top it off, they come with WC and general liability insurance!! We no longer have to worry about unprofessional housekeepers who do less work and show up when they want to. We love French Maids!! -Kathy

Wonderful! I have been very pleased with the professionalism of the owner and the staff. Their work is great. They are fast! They are flexible if I need something special one week and were very accommodating when we were having some remodeling done to the house. – Erin

French Maids Cleaning Erie Home Business