Erie’s Premier Home Cleaning Service


If you’re looking to maintain the beauty of your home, French Maids will provide you with professional, affordable, quality cleaning service. If you think you can’t afford a professional cleaning service, think again! You’ll be pleasantly surprised when you call us for your free quote. We have helped many of our customers save time and money.


First impressions aren’t just reserved for personal presentation anymore. They include how others view the space around you. Everyone deserves to love the environment they live (and sometimes work in); and should feel comfortable in the surroundings that make up their life and career. Our exceptional attention to detail will give you an advantage in developing relationships and gaining new clients.


Who has time to clean? Your time is better spent enjoying family, building business, or pursuing hobbies! Our residential services can be tailored to your needs and your budget, whether that’s twice a year or on a weekly basis. With our service, you can enjoy life; and still come home to a clean house. Since your satisfaction is our number one priority, we guarantee the highest standards of quality.

French Maids Cleaning Erie Home Business